Friday, August 27, 2010

Time Lapse Awesomeness - pt 1

I love to think about how differently we would see the universe if our sense of time were significantly altered. There are a number of illegal ways of doing this, but one legal way of experiencing an altered sense of time is through time-lapse photography.

Here are some awesome time-lapse videos by this guy Henry Jun Wah Lee:

And here is the wicked video of a GLACIER MOVING!!:

That video I found on the Geology News Blog, where you can find a few other awesome glacier time-lapse videos.

And what time-lapse blog entry would be complete without some hot hot volcano action:

For other awesome time-lapse volcano videos check out this USGS website.

Finally, if anyone is out there who understands geology and knows how to animate stuff, if you could make a time-lapse animation of the formation of the grand canyon, I would be much obliged.